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to share something - and not 'picking side'

SPM invigilator

picking side....

KPM sucks!

Maybe I have changed..

A new voter

jane austen wannabe...crikey!!!!!

Interview untuk naik gaji!

a valuable break..



marhaban..ya shahru ramadhan..

teacher - beware of your words!


A story of an average man

the broken-heart of mine

you have no excuse to not remember your Creator!

We are human too!!

waaaa! I lost my phone!

I feel damned terrible

Being a muslim- Part 2

I miss my two-week holiday

My big fat arabic wedding

I looooooooove beaches..

Being a muslim..

I can't wait no more!!!

teachers' hitch (es)

The Day

Making Choice month..

Good Afternoon Miss W...

The Lonely soul


Maulidurassul- the birth of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

I love fish

Pressing the 'resume' button

Film: Mengejar Matahari

Praise to the Almighty

Once...when I was a student

A child reciting surah Yassin

The most awaited day (night) in each week..

An old lady..with her tempe...

hail the new Queen..



Integrity- Do our leaders possess one…