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Tuesday, January 30, 2007 | wardah bajrai

...and why i feel that he deserved that...........

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Integrity- Do our leaders possess one…

Wednesday, January 17, 2007 | wardah bajrai

Integrity – a simple word which carries deep meaning. The other night, I managed to catch a debate programme which highlighting the importance of integrity among the leaders in Malaysia. The discussion was interesting and thought-provoking. A line of experienced commentators, from academician to politicians were selected to debate on this topic. While watching, I asked my dad, what is the meaning of integrity? Why is it so important for a leader to have this attribute? My dad asked me to keep my mouth shut and listened (the commentators) to what they have to say. “you’ll pick up the meaning on your own”, he said (my dad). So I listened. At first it was a boring discussion, – I actually wanted to watch other programme, indirectly I was forced to watch this debate- but after one comment made by one of the ‘pundits’, I was hooked. He said ‘we can comprehend the meaning of integrity by looking at this example---the fish, although it was surrounded by salted water, it managed to preserve its own flavor, unless you made it as ‘ikan kering’- this shows that even the fish has its integrity. God teaches us by giving this situation for us to think. A person, no matter in what condition he/she is in, he/she should have this “integrity thing”. Interesting. He added, ‘a good leader is a person who can lead by example, by sticking to truthfulness and he should hold firm his integrity”. I nodded, agree.

One audience asked, is it possible for us to find leader like this nowadays, a leader with integrity?. The responses were varied. One said it’s possible if we go back to the fundamental principle of human nature. God creates humans and gives us one valuable “thing”. If this “thing” is clean, we can be a good person but if this “thing” is dirty and polluted, we can be the opposite and the valuable “thing” is called “heart”. It controls our actions, attitudes and our beliefs. If we know how to take care this “thing”, it is not impossible for us to find one good leader with integrity. Another “pundit” said, ‘we have, here in Malaysia. I laughed! So did some of the audiences. Why?? Here is why….

When my state (Johor) was hit with the worst floods ever, only few leaders care enough to come down and extend their hands to help. Others, just said on national tv that “we feel sympathy for the Johoreans, we do care, please be patient”. Now make your own judgment—which one is important; went to Australia for a vacation and to open a new Nasi Kandar restaurant or go down here and help out the victims—more that 100,000 people had been evacuated and more than 10 people had died. Now I sound like a politician! However, on behalf of fellow Johoreans, I would like to thank the Crown Prince of Johor for his concerns and contributions, also to fellow Malaysians who helped the flood victims by donating and praying for our well being. Thanks!

So, after finished watching the programme, I came out with my own definition of integrity—self value that one should possess moreover if you are a leader. So do we have a leader with integrity nowadays??

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007 | wardah bajrai

Do you still remember your wishes when you were young? When you were in primary school and early years of secondary school? (Pre-adolescent period) The time where you were still catching up with your homework loads? The time where you were still confuse about friends and boy/girlfriends? During the time where you wish that you will grow up faster, working, having your own money, wearing beautiful clothes, wearing jewelry whenever you want to wear it (we weren’t allowed to wear jewelry when we were at school) no schools, no uniforms and no homeworks, no curfew, and most importantly feel ‘libre’ from your parents’ eyes? I do. When I was ‘extremely younger’, I did feel envy with grown-ups, thinking that they could handle their life as they wish without others interfering. I was so eager to grow faster, to work at the office, wearing heels and make-ups, have my own money and have a car so that I could travel on my own. And most importantly I wish that I could grow faster because I want to lead my own life, according to MY WAY. To see the world from my own perspective without others telling me what to do.

And now after I reached that stage, reflecting back the thoughts and wishes that I had before, I laugh to myself. First and foremost, it’s impossible for me to work at the office as now I’m in teaching line where my ‘office’ is of course the classrooms. Heels, yes I could wear one but I rarely do, make-ups? I just use little make-up, jewelry? I begin to detest gold now, car? ha-ha!! And how about libre that I wanted the most? The crave for freedom to conduct my own self without others interfering? Honestly, now I do wish that my parents could arrange everything for me because sometimes I was too tired and lazy to make decisions in life. I wish that everything is arranged for me and most importantly, I want to be young again. The time where you were not burden with problems and works and you don’t have to clouded you mind with all the unwanted predicaments. That’s my wish now. The truth is, we human, never satisfy with what we have now, we always want more or we sometimes crave for what we had before. And we always make wishes although sometimes the wishes were ridiculous, but we don’t care because what make us going on with this life is those wishes.

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A cliche toast!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007 | wardah bajrai

I purposely didn't write anything during the new year eve or on the first day of new year as normally during this time people will be so busy declaring, pronouncing, telling, sharing or other about their new year resolution/s. I tried to exclude myself from being in this group. Not that I am pessimistic-I am not- but I have read once in the paper saying that its normal that people will make resolution/s whenever new year is around the corner. Its like a motivator for them to wish for the positive things to happened The will outline perfectly and neatly their resolution/s before make a vow that they will achieve or fulfill it but ultimately after a month or two, the so-called ‘resolution/s’ will fade from their mind. The excuse: we have next year to fulfill it. Human…

I myself did have resolutions last year and as cliché as it may sound, it's all forgotten after the second month. So, this year, I've decided not to have any resolution, just planning and normally plans work. One hope for this New Year: May I have a great life ahead and may all my dreams come true. God willing! Amin..

...and maybe its not too late for me to say this "Selamat Tahun Baru"

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