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or I might say breast-milking (in my situation). Some people might think that giving your baby/babies your pure milk-the milk that comes from the mother- is a must to all mothers. You have no excuse, and you definitely can never say no to breastfeeding or else, you are a bad mom. And to this, I beg to differ. I always have issues with breastfeeding. With my firstborn, I was struggling very hard to breastfeed. During the first few weeks, it was my worst nightmare. In pain, tired, post-pregnancy depression, contracting high fever during confinement(bentan)- you name it. Until I went to see a paed who is also a breastfeeding consultant. she taught me the correct way to breastfeed and she was the one who noticed that my Khadeejah had tongue-tie. Byhaving tongue-tie, it distracted the breastfeeding process. To solve the problem, she did a small and quick surgery on khadeejah by nipping the tie. It bled a little but after that, everything was fine. At first, it was still very painful due t…

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