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Of Having Twins

Should be having twins and handling two handful toddlers. 😐 Whenever I go out or meet people, questions would be asked bout the twins. I don't mind. In fact I feel more than happy to answer all the questions. Many would congratulate me, asking about my family history whether I come from family of twins. Some even ask the techniques on how to get twins. techniques? methods? ways? perhaps only tips 😃

I don't mind sharing(as if I have any). But there's a story behind it. I might say it's only because of pure luck. However, I don't deny that there was a possibility because of medical intervention. I had not shared this with a lot  of people as I presumed it was not important but since there were a lot of people asking me about having twins, why not. But as I said earlier it might be because of medical intervention. MIGHT. no, I did not go any fertility procedure, but I did take some meds. Below is the pic.


I took thi…

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