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I love fish

Saturday, March 31, 2007 | wardah bajrai

One activity that I enjoy the most is cleaning the fish pond - which I did yesterday morning with my brother. It was tiring but enthralling! In order to clean the pond, we need to remove all the fish from the pond - I like this part the most. Later, the pond was refilled with water taken from the well. The pictures below should tell it all…




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Pressing the 'resume' button

Thursday, March 29, 2007 | wardah bajrai

Next week, I will enter another phase in my life - working-sphere- a world that I’d been desperately to be in since I became the resident of the 'idle world' almost a year ago. Finally, I’m going to hit the resume button again after I hit the pause months ago. What do I feel? Excited! (at last!, I got my own money) + scared! (to be a person who're going to mould the future generation or to be the person who'll pollute their mind).In order to prepare myself, I even have practiced to wake up early every morning, arraying my best wardrobes and shoes and I even dropped by at a mall yesterday, eyeing the possible shoe/s that I am g.., no, might buy next month after I got my first salary. Only might! but hopefully I could buy one..or two. It depends. Or maybe bag/s too!

Although I'm very eager to start working, part of me feels sad because throughout the 'pause' moment that I'd spent staying at home, I have learnt lots of things. I have improved my cooking skills, and without a doubt, I also become the "domestic goddess" as it was me who did all the house chores-from the cleaning to washing. Honestly, I'm going to miss all that. Plus, during that time, I also became much closer to my dad. I'm going to miss the mornings where I will share the paper with my dad while having cup of coffee, I'll miss the moments where my dad asked and sometimes bribed me to type his letters or proposals and he'll said that he's going to pay me (most of the time he didn't, but when he did, he gave a lot!), I also will miss my favorite morning shows- the breakfast show, tyra bank show and Martha show.., and most importantly I’m going to miss my 'peaceful' moments which I enjoyed very much every morning. I'm going to miss all that! But, I'm optimistic! I hope my new phase of life will be as exciting as the previous one. A toast to working-sphere! Now, there's another 1 phase left in my life- married phase.. and when I will enter that phase?!.. I wonder...

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Film: Mengejar Matahari

Sunday, March 25, 2007 | wardah bajrai

Mengejar Matahari (Chasing the Sun)

''Terus terang dalam hidup gue, banyak orang yang datang dan pergi. Tapi di hati gue, hanya lu sahabat sejati gue,'' (Honestly in my life, there're a lot of people come and go. But inside my heart, only you're my true friend)

A story about friendship between 4 school boys, who come from different backgrounds. A simple story with great cinematography completed with realistic and brilliant story-line. A story which makes us appreciate our friends more.

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Praise to the Almighty

Monday, March 12, 2007 | wardah bajrai

Me. Happy. Y?. I got a job!. Finally!. Me.. Grin. Big One! :D

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Once...when I was a student

Sunday, March 04, 2007 | wardah bajrai

It’s passed midnight, yet I couldn’t make my eyes to rest. I decided to write something. I went out for dinner with my dad my brother just now at a seafood restaurant. I’d been craving for Tomyam since last week. And we also ordered otak2 (also a famous dish besides tempe, its made of fish). Then was when old memories hit me. Once, when I was still a student.

Students who stayed in hostel were not allowed to cook on our own. So, besides eating instant mee, our next option was grabing something from the nearest cafeteria. Occasionally, we will also go out to Tmn U to eat. There were lots of restaurants but my favourite spot was Singgora. A fine restaurant which situated a stone throw from the University. I normally went there with my then room-mate, Mc Y and another friend, Mis JN. I usually will order Tomyam, Mc Y will order USA fried rice and Mis JN, she didn’t have any specific menu, but one common thing that we will do- ordering otak2. It’s a must for us. While eating, we will talk about almost everything but we did best in ‘bitching’ our lecturers (not all the time!). How I miss that moments! Besides that, I also went out with my other close friends especially during weekends. Being a student gave me chances to experience independent life without my parents’ eagle eyes, following every step that I made. It’s all about making mistakes and learning something from it. I believe that I can never taste that kind of life anymore. Yes, its true that I’m going to make new friends, acquaintances, colleagues or whatever you might call, but it can never replaced the friends, the time, and the life that I had during my university years. Life is evolving and I might not feel again the euphoric period where I let go and let flow everything…..

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A child reciting surah Yassin

Thursday, March 01, 2007 | wardah bajrai


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