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Syawal- month of.....?

Friday, October 17, 2008 | wardah bajrai

Syawal is always known as a month of forgiveness and celebration. and I do believe we also perceive Syawal as a month of food and eating. Strings of open houses, marhabans, countless jamuans that held during this month proved this claim. I have to say that I'd worked hard during ramadhan to shed few kilos from my plumpy figure but only to be frustrated when I gained a lot more kilos during Syawal. I blame not the food for it's my self control that I have trouble with. So now, I hope after the end of Syawal, I could restrain myself from consuming uncontrollable amount of food. But, oh, I forgot, December is just around the corner I do believe that the eating spree will continue since December always been a suitable month for annual lunch/dinner and kenduris. I guess food and me are really best friend..whether its Syawal or not.

xoxo---selamat hari raya---

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United Kingdom kids

Monday, October 13, 2008 | wardah bajrai

Two students from UK (united kingdom) enrolled in today. It was the hottest topic of the day. Students were (still are) ‘jakun’ since before this they never encountered with ‘malay mat saleh’. These two students although they’re Malay, they speak more like David Beckham.. first question asked by one of them- “teacher, can I get lost in this school?” with a distinguish accent. Teachers- especially Math and Science teachers are becoming anxious now.. comments like
- “malulah kalau dia betulkan grammar”
- “macam mana kalau dia ckap “teacher you said the word wrongly” and so on…

…. And I- merely a silent observer….

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Weekly recap

Tuesday, October 07, 2008 | wardah bajrai

Last 2 weeks….

- Monday
Nothing interesting happened. But wait, at night something did happen. A form 4 student threatened to kill herself. Reason- she can’t stand with the hostel’s rules. But, we suspected something else.. something fishy… she even said to her friend that she’s ready to get married now and if her family chooses not to accept her anymore, her boyfriend will accept her and she’s keep on wailing…. Erm…

- Tuesday.
At wee hour, the girl, ran from the hostel. The guard who was making morning round, saw her but didn’t manage to catch her. She was seen following a guy. When her mother was informed, she told us that that was her daughter’s “abang angkat”.

- Wednesday.
The girl was kicked out from the hostel and from the school. Served her right (bad-bad teacher)….


Remember about the scrawny girl that I told before….. well, guess what, her father pulled her out from the school.. so, a future of 14 years old girl is officially ruined by her own father.. biological father…. erm…


A 14 years old student, cursed loudly at the school's counselor… she screamed the word c***i… she was suspended for a week later…. erm….

- Thursday
Form one student, came to school only to follow another older guy later. the guy was described as ugly and old by her fellow friends who saw the incident… called her mother… as usual … “saya ingatkan anak saya kat sekolah” …erm…..

This week..

- confirmed… the girl… form one student..was raped… by that older guy.. and we was informed that the girl have known the guy three months ago… and we’re not sure whether it was the first time or…..

I luuuuuuuuuuurve my job soooooooooooo much…. Seriously…

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