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Thursday, February 10, 2011 | wardah bajrai

3 words to sum up everything :). For a start, if you ever plan to visit Mersing, make sure u bring along your telekong.. or else u'll be in big trouble. The suraus and masjids there are not women-friendly.

Since both of us are always preoccupied with piles of works, a brief gate-away is most treasured. Since I'm a big fan of beaches, he took me to the nearest beach that we could find- air papan in Mersing. The view: so-so but the moments spent together; priceless :).

We had lots of seafood. Correction- Me ate a lot of seafoods. A lot!

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my telekong. Well, this is not the first time. Still remember, last time when me, anis and cik Juo went to Melaka. We also had forgotten to bring our telekong. We used our creativity to pray. I forgot, did we use the bed sheet? I almost did the same thing before I managed to buy a cheap telekong. Luckily! But if you are with someone you love, regardless what obstacles, everything seems fine and fun.. :) hehehehe

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