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Yoga- Don't get emotional

Thursday, November 27, 2008 | wardah bajrai

Due to recent hiccups (yoga and pengkid), I think it's my call as a Muslim and as a Malaysian - who believes in equality and freedom to all races and religions in Malaysia- to share my inner thoughts regarding the much discussed issues. It hurts me when the Fatwas were(are) being ridiculed by certain parties and to see how people bickering on what I perceive as small issues. Take Yoga issue for instance. I cannot believe how close-minded certain people are when dealing with this issue. They got all emotional, attacking each other without anyone seems to be wise enough to come up with a solution. I mean, seriously, they are a lot more stuffs that need to be attended rather than fighting about ‘one type of exercise’.

To be honest, if you ask me, whether I think that the fatwa on yoga should be issued or not, I would say no. For me, a Fatwa only need to be issued when a REALLY serious issue/problem occurs and it could affect Muslims –directly or indirectly. A fatwa is a much-respected decree and shouldn’t be used easily to handle such a minor problem. But, when a fatwa is issued, every Muslim should adhere to it, without any protest- whether they like it or not. But like what Dr. Mahathir said, “Whether the Malays (Muslims) follow it or not, that is really their business”. As long as they are not complaining. What National Fatwa Council should do is telling and explaining to the Muslims about this issue first. They shouldn’t jump on the boat directly. Of course it will shock the people especially those who’re lack of knowledge and easily get mislead. Plus, the authority should have more faith on Muslims in Malaysia. They will not easily be influenced to change the religion just by learning Yoga.

Sometimes, I just don’t understand. They are people who always like to criticise every move made by the government. Though I’m not a big supporter of our local government, I choose to be pragmatic when it comes to this. First thing first, I think this issue was/is over-played by the medias- be it the medias who pro with the verdicts or those who're against it. I am also (honestly and sincerely) bewildered with the reactions from the non-Muslims. As far as I know, this fatwa is for Muslims only but we can see that many non-Muslim are against it and at the same time be angry with it. At this point,I have to agree once again to what Tun M has said when he was asked to give comment on this issue.

"KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 25 (Bernama) -- Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today urged the relevant parties not to turn the National Fatwa Council's decision to bar Muslims from practising yoga into a religious issue.

"If they (National Fatwa Council) believe it is wrong, then it is wrong. It is unfortunate that other people think that it is a slur on their religion. It is like saying Muslims should not eat pork, and it is not an insult to the Chinese. It is the same when Muslims cannot do yoga. It is not because they are insulting the Hindus.

"It is just that they should not do it. Whether the Malays follow it or not, that is really their business. Other people should not make it a religious issue. Like all other things forbidden among Muslims, it is not an insult to others.

"But people want to make an issue of this. I feel very sorry. Personally, I don't care very much if you stand on your head or stand on your feet. It is not as if by performing yoga you immediately become a non-Muslim."

And what our dearie Prime Minister has to say bout this…
“ Muslims can after all practice the Indian exercise regime, so long as they avoid the meditation and chantings that reflect Hindu philosophy” – for the first time, I agree with him.

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Unexpected Event..

Tuesday, November 25, 2008 | wardah bajrai

'every thing happened for a reason'- this what my friend told me. I, still in a state of shock, upon hearing a death of a person that I know. He was brutally beaten to death. Some people are waaay too crazy to done such inhumane act. But like I said before, maybe there is a 'hikmah' behind this incident. I just hope that it won't happen again. I feel sympathy to the victim, victim's family, victiom's fiance and the doers' families too. Future seems pretty bleak for them (except the victim). I just can pray that they will be strong and tough facing this unpredictable situation.


why do people willing to kill in the name-oh-so-call love?! That's not love, that's craziness!

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Friday, November 14, 2008 | wardah bajrai

School holiday is here! This is the time when all teachers will grin widely, and aim to forget all about school stuffs. time to rejuvenate! time to press the refresh button again! time to not be or act like teachers! time to be a normal human being again (yes, sometimes teachers need to transform themselves into unrecognized creatures due to students' attitude!)

To all teachers, happy hoooli-holiday! Do enjoy yourself! Do forget anything related to the word s.c.h.o.o.l!

.... and I'm grinning widely...uncontrollably...

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Forgive me..

Monday, November 03, 2008 | wardah bajrai

I had a friend, or a colleague I might say. She was 4 months pregnant when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Doctors couldn’t do radiotherapy or chemotherapy because they didn’t want to affect the baby. Friends advised her to abort the baby but she refused. Friends talked to her husband with hope that he could advise his wife into abortion. Friends were surprised to learn that it was her husband who actually refused to allow his wife to do abortion with a reason- the embryo has become a complete fetus . Most friends blamed the husband for being selfish, ignorance, cold-hearted and compassionless. The husband remained calm. After few months, the baby was born, lifeless. A day after that, the mother died. I attended her funeral. I saw her final face. She looked very calm. So did the husband.

There are few things that I’ve learnt from my friend’s story. I, once blamed the husband too for his willingness to let his wife suffer just to save the baby, an attempt which failed at the end. I blamed him for I’m a woman who dislikes to see other woman suffers. So, being a sympathetic person who is driven with emotion, I blamed the husband. But soon, I realized, or remember, to be accurate, in Islam, there are few things that could never control. One of them is death. We could never predict the date and the time that we will meet our Creator. Maybe tomorrow and maybe after 50 more years. We, humans, will never know. So, if my friend, even if she aborts the baby but she is destined to die on that particular day, with or without the baby, she will die too- maybe less painful. So, I decided to retract all the blames. And according to Islam, InsyaAllah, she will be in heaven since she was willing to sacrifice for her own child. InsyaAllah.

Besides that, I also did realize that, when I heard about her death, one thing that straight away crossed my mind. did I ever badmouthed her before, did I ever talk behind her back before, did I ever ‘mengumpat’ her before? And I realized that if I ever did, I will be in sin forever since I could never ask for her forgiveness anymore. I was very afraid since I do know that ‘mengupat’ is considered one of the biggest sins in Islam. Since she was in morning session, and I in the evening, we were hardly talked. So, I was quite sure that I hadn’t talk bad about her. Plus she was always a good person.

The story about my friend here prompted me to do this thing- to ask forgiveness from all people. If I ever done anything wrong, if I ever said something bad; directly or indirectly, I apologize, sincerely from the deepest of my heart. I’m afraid if I couldn’t ask anymore if my time or your time has come.

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