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Thursday, August 14, 2008 | wardah bajrai

She is 14 years old. She possesses a petit and scrawny body. Her pale complexion shows that she’s always in misery. She hardly talks, sometimes we can see a tiny smile decorated her innocent face and few times you can hear she mumbles unrecognized utterances. She is not a good student; if you look at her academic record. If you open her bag, only few grubby books will be found and malodorous smell will fill the space. She has few friends or perhaps none. During recess, she walks slowly to the canteen watching her classmates eat. To buy something, she hardly had any cent. When the bell rings, she goes back to her class with an empty stomach. Her face grows paler. She looks sick but when asked, she just shook her tiny head. She never irons her clothes. Her rumpled and yellowish uniform alienated her from her peers. Yet, she never complains. In class, when teachers teach, she looks blankly to the blackboard. She understands nothing. When the students are asked to do some exercises, she takes out her book and scribbles unreadable sentences and sometimes she draws unspecified pictures. She is alone all the time. Teachers try to help her, but whenever asked about her problems, she changes herself to a statue. Teachers give up. Teachers called her mother. Her stepmother picked up the phone. A stern voice with impolite tone heard. Teachers discussed about her ‘daughter’ problems. From her answers, teachers know that the ‘mother’ doesn’t care about the ‘daughter’. Teachers called the father, asking the father to come to school to discuss about his biological daughter’s problems. “I’m too busy” was the answer teachers get.

So, how can teachers help the pitiful student?

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