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Saturday, January 29, 2011 | wardah bajrai

I haven't blogged for a long long time. Too many blissful things happened till I almost forget about this 'addiction' that kept my mind sane for the last few years. yes, writing is like a mind therapy for me, a medium for me to let out all my angst and problems. Since I am a happy person now, I have less problem. Maybe that's the reason why I hardly write anything.

At this moment, life is a bliss. Everyday. Waking up, I'm eager to see what are the things that lie ahead of me. Everyday is a new day to me, learning new stuffs, coping with new style, adapting the new way of life. It may sound cliche, but love does change everything. and I'm starting to be all mushy2... :D. honestly. It feels good to have someone to call 'mine' now. officially mine. lawfully mine. and I'm his. It just feels nice. period.

Before, when we were engaged, we hardly saw each other. we hardly went out. We were not like usual 'engaged people'. We, almost never exchanged any lovey dovey words. or mssges. or whatever. We were this old tradition couple who waited patiently to be united.

Now, it's still hard for him to say all those mushy words to me, but when he did, only God knows how it feels. Now, we still hardly see each other for his off day is Friday. I think that's why i miss him all the time. Like now. On this Sunday morning, while I'm typing away about my life. Where he is out there, working until the dusky sky appears. But I'm still happy.

Occasionally, we go out, dating. like those teenage couples. We coyly looking at each other.Smiling. After a month, I still feel like having a boyfriend than a husband as he calls me by my name, and I call him by his. No abang, no sayang. Simple. but for me, it's very sweet. :)

"His smile was so warm, she could feel her heart melting beneath its glow"

Breakfast In Bed

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