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Germany vs Costa Rica

Saturday, June 10, 2006 | wardah bajrai

I can’t remember since when I became a big fan of Football but for sure World Cup 2006 is much awaited by me. Furthermore as a hardcore fan of France, there is a tickle of hope that France going to repeat their glory in 1998 although from an informal survey that I’ve made, France is not a favourite compared to Brazil and England (huh!). well put aside France for a little while as they only begin their journey on June 13.

The other night, I managed to catch the opening match between Germany and Costa Rica. What a fantastic game as Germany managed to earn their first goal as early as 6min after the game began. But suprisely I was not happy although before the game began, I always supported Germany as they got the two best Bayern Munich players (Micheal Ballack and Oliver Kahn) but since these two players were not in the opening match, my support changed to Costa Rica. Believe me, I tried to shifted back my support to Germany as after France and Brazil, Germany comes next as my favourite team but I failed to do so as I could see how Costa Rica players played with determination( Wanchope especially- as he got 2 personal goals for Costa Rica). In min 16, Wanchope managed to level the score, and I, jumped with joy. At the end, as expected, Germany won with 4-2. Not a huge margin though and Ballack, I could see him jumping and smiling- I could see this as the cameraman kept focusing on him (I have to admit that he is a cute chap).

Overall, I could see that Germany got better formation and most of the time they controlled the ball and they did several dangerous attacks but Costa Ricans, they too played very well- beyond expectation to be true since based on FIFA world ranking, their place is at 26 and they only been playing in the world cup twice- 1990 and 2002. Well, it seemed that not only men got infected with this dangerous world cup’s fever and I can’t wait to see France against Switzerland this 13th.

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