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Happy Teacher's Day! (happy ke..)

Friday, May 21, 2010 | wardah bajrai

This entry is not about me wishing happy teacher's day.. far from it. More like what had happened after the day we were supposed to be oh-so-called-happy. Last two days, when I was about to enter my before-recess class, a teacher came to me, telling me that there was a student who got asthma attack( since i was the teacher on duty for that day). Diligently, I when to see the student. but before I could reach the class, I heard 100 octave scream- yea from the girl who got "asthma". For an asthma patient she sure had enough oxygen to scream that loud. -even though she kept on screaming "tak cukup oksigen! nak oksigen! like 100x!- (Maybe betul kot)

well, me and the other teacher took her to the hospital. My friend drove as if he wanted to be the next F1 champion whereas that "poor actor"- wrong. patient (strictly typo), whining, screaming, shouting
"nak oksigen, nak mak nak itu nak ini.. cikgu mata saya dh nak tutup ni, saya dh ngantuk ni.. saya nak tido ni bla...bla.. and bla.." and the other two escorts- menangis la macam drama hari ini.. akhirnya, we reached at the hospital, waited for 30 min, trying to call the parents but failed to do so since the line was unreachable.. Later, a doctor came and
"cikgu balik la dulu, die x ada apa2 pun.. biarlah dia rehat kat blakang.. kita nak amik darah die so mungkin lambat sket..." kata doctor handsome itu. and we went back. I got classes ok.. takkan nak tunggu je kat situ. But we were still trying to contact her family.

At 1.00 pm, we managed to call the doted father. The conversation went like this...
HEM: anak incik tadi sakit lelah, so kita hntar pegi hospital, dia dah ok and incik boleh la ambil die di hospital
doted father: hah! terkejut knapa cikgu hantar? nape x beritahu saya.. cikgu hantar, cikgu la amik! (with "PLEASANT" voice-sebaliknye)

tapi last2 doted father amik la juga the precious daughter.

The next day, doted father came to see HEM, muka macam singa, tangan digenggam, meja dihentak2, suara macam petir
"cikgu! kenapa cikgu tak beritahu saya awal2 anak saya masuk hospital?! kalau jadi apa2 cikgu nak bertanggungjawab?! rumah saya x jauh pun ...(so?, ingat kitaorang kuli! sape suruh tak angkat telefon?! and x-rated words-membebel kitaorang dalam hati) meja dihentak2 lagi. doktor kata anak saya dah 50-50 (duh... man! i was there ok, with the handsome doctor!) dan drama hari ini episod kedua pun bermula.. malas nak layan..
lastly he said, "saya akan adukan hal ni ke PPD while taking all his precious daughter's stuffs.

US: jangankan nak ganti duit petrol, terima kasih pun tidak.. kene maki lagi..

so fellow teachers, "happy" teacher's day. From the bottom of my heart.

p/s: The reason the precious daughter got asthma attack: she was crying so hard and loud as she was scolded by HEM. the reason: She was wearing "seluar kecik bawah" and HEM took that trouser and gave her kain batik instead. and she was asked to wear that kain batik. hahahahaa. ehemm. such a good and "precious" student".. :P

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:: The Removal::

Monday, May 03, 2010 | wardah bajrai

Well, I had to remove the previous entry for it had served its purpose. It's quite embarrassing to read it over and over again.. hahahahah . Nevertheless, thanks to all comments..really appreciate it (*_*)

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