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Friday, January 09, 2009 | wardah bajrai

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30th Dec 2008

Thursday, January 01, 2009 | wardah bajrai

Last two days, I woke up (as usual 10.00 a.m; since it's a school holiday), went downstairs, poured me a cup of coffee and happily read the newspaper. After 15 minutes, suddenly, I felt uneasy. Before this I was pretty sure that my first staff meeting will be held on 31st Dec. In fact I told everyone about this. But that morning, I felt like something was wrong. That day was 30th Dec. I ran to my room, I checked my hp- got two misscalls from my senior teacher. and a message from my friend- "wardah, ko pegi mane?". Oh my God! it's not tomorrow, but Today! and the meeting started at 8.00 am and now is 10.30 a.m! oh.My.God! OH.MY.GOD!

At that moment, I was frozen. Not know what to do. Today's meeting was very important! It's THE meeting. I planned to go to the clinic to ask for M.C. I had no choice. I SMS my friend, asking her whether the meeting'd finished or not. and she said no. I pleaded her to inform my boss that I had to go to the clinic. Asthma attack! of course I got asthma. I drove to the nearest clinic and upon arriving, I decided not to 'tipu' anymore. "just face the music". trying to convince my super worried mind. so, straight away I drove to school while reciting all the doas and prayers that I know. Finally, 10.55 am. I'd arrived and quickly walked (actually half running) to the meeting room. knocked the door, checked the, took a deep breath, I peeped in . all eyes on me. went straight away to MRS.BOSS. "sori puan, saya kene lelah tadi, pegi klinik sekejap" and she said "duduk dulu". still, all eyes on me. Me- tried to look sick. coughing. a lot. tried to breathe with difficulties.(i was such a good actress..i was proud of myself) and the meeting went on as if nothing had happened. at the end of the meeting. my senior teacher said to me: ha..i warda, lupa ke ....?- 'perli tone". Me-- coughed again....and smile meekly....

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