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Wednesday, June 17, 2009 | wardah bajrai

My friends are great. All of them. They never failed to make me happy. Whenever I’m with them. Laughter always a must whenever we’re together. Before, I never took any meeting or occasion involving my friends seriously. But they kept on reminding me on how important our friendship is. So, thanks to them, I’m now an appreciative friend.

Moments with them always filled with updates, latest juicy gossips as well as ‘advices’ and also bout ‘love nest’ (seriously I still find it sounds kinky!).... especially from the soon-to-be experts (anis and juo..hahahaha). Though they liked teasing me (especially about ‘pokok besar’, ‘u-turn’ and roundabout’). While I was bit pissed-off but honestly, I didn’t mind at all. I took it as a compliment since whenever they see roundabout, I have an instinct that they’ll remember me (*_*)

I will always miss the moments I shared with them. Each one of us will eventually start a new life, taking steps into more challenging sphere, being bugged with other responsibilities, meeting with new people, making new relationships, building new memories but one thing I’m positively sure, forgetting what we had is an impossible. Totally. At least for me.

Juo, selamat – future- pengantin baru. Forgive me for my inability to come though my heart is yearning to meet you again. And the rest. See apartments, remember me k….

Anis, selamat jugak. Insyaallah, yours I’ll come. Insyaallah. And please anis, I think you have to find another new idea to tease me (instead of ‘roundabout’…)

Afzan, the boss. My ever charming boss. Nak naik kereta lagi…..

And for the rest, I’ll pray to Allah that we’d be able to meet. Again. And again.

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