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holiday- wat to do ek...

Monday, November 30, 2009 | wardah bajrai

Holiday suppose to be fun rite?! enjoyable, stress-release period and other adjectives that come with it. and I agree. 5 weeks of laze around, doing nuthin except some tedious house chores really....... how to say........... quite boring.... Betul, x tipu! 1 week holiday is not enough, two weeks, so-so, 3 weeks, ok, four weeks, just nice.. more than that, eventually boredom will take over... Unless I can go around, vacationing, spending my money without regrets and feasting my sinful eyes :)- u know what I mean eh...hehehe)

Instead I spend my holiday reading books. 2 books down already, "The Glass Palace" is on-going. But right now, I'm still thinking what to do within these 4 weeks...something which requires less money but tonnes of fun.... wat eh.......?

p/s: Ungrateful me- nanti bila naik sekolah, sibuk plak "bila la cuti.......?"

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My name is T.E.A.C.H.E.R

Monday, November 16, 2009 | wardah bajrai

When I first started teaching, I hate my students. Almost all of them. They're rude, ignorant, lazy, thoughtless and etc.. These were the assumptions that I always carried with me whenever I wanted to enter the class. I had to drag my feet, consoled my heart, and plastering my face with fake smile whenever I had to enter to their classes. When I was in the class, my eyes never left the watch for every second was counted impatiently. Whenever unintended incidents happened, I cursed them, silently in my heart. I tried not to smile whenever they made jokes as for me smiling was a sign of weakness. I taught them with zero expectation. As long as I entered the class, as long as I gave them works, it's fine. If people asked me why the students' performance was not good, my answer was simple: they're plain stupid. Nothing could be done. In short, I was the worst version of a teacher.

As time passed by, I began to realize that every student is precious. They're innocent creature that need guidance and help in coping with this horrendous world. They're naive. They're not stupid, just less clever and with appropriate help, they could amaze us. Now, I really love my students. They make me happy. I never feel forced to enter classes. Though I become a frequent visitor to the nearest clinic due to voice problem, I'm genuinely happy. It's more tiring now to teach for I teach whole-heartedly, but I feel satisfied. Now, I only have few more days to spend with them. Sadness is what I experience now. If possible, I want to be always with them, to watch every step that they make, so that I could always help them whenever they slip, but I know that they have to move on. I also have to move on. It's life. Moving on is what makes us stronger. I hated my students then, but I love them now.

Dedicated to all my form 2 students who're going to form 3 next year.

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Monday, November 02, 2009 | wardah bajrai

Bosan jaga pekse... so main internet n curi2 amik gambar budk... jgn ngadu kat kpm ek... :D

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