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KPM sucks!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007 | wardah bajrai

syibal, syibal, more syibal and the syibal continue!

KPM sucks! reaally222X sucks! if Selangor MB gave brooms to his staffs, KPM staffs should get a bulldozer! bukan setakat sapu, ranapkan je...menyusahkan.. wasting my time and my money! damn! damn!

Got a letter from them saying that I have to attend an JB (BP to JB- more than 100km). Woke up early in the morning, get stuck in the morning traffic, paid RM 50 for petrol and toll and when I reached there, "sorrry, they send you the wrong letter, this interview is for fresh graduates who're still waiting for their posting not for those who want to 'sah jawatan'.. KPM tersalah bagi tu.."

"tersalah bagi?!..tersalah bagi?!" damn, syibal!!

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Maybe I have changed..

Monday, November 12, 2007 | wardah bajrai

We both hurt, (maybe only me)
But we're both (perhaps maybe only me too) trying to move on,
Trying for something,
That might just go wrong,

If theres that feeling still
The passion in our eyes
The love for each other
But why do I hide?

It won't be the same,
It never will,
If it's suppose to happen it'll be true,
it will build

But i can't wait here,
Though you're on my mind,
Though its hard to move on,
But I have to....

My friends said that I have changed, have I? That now, I'm drifting away, am I? Perhaps.....
It's a lie if I say that I don't notice it but honestly I do not know why and how it happens. As far as I know, everyone, sooner or later needs changes and move on. Except, in my case, it comes earlier than I thought. I have the feeling that I could not let myself clinging to the past anymore. Before being pushed aside, I need to push myself away, so that I won't be hurt so much. How selfish I am! Maybe people don't understand me. and I don't blame them as I sometimes failed to understand my own-self either. A friend of mine once said to me,"war, you might want to forget us, but I (we) will never forget you.."- But, how can I forget something which already buried deep inside me?To forget is impossible, all I need is some time and space for me to re-define myself- to know where exactly I belong, and I'm not doing it while smiling. It is hard but have to cope with it. Although my heart bleeds.... a lot...but at least only for now.
Like I said before,"better pushing myself away now rather than being pushed later..."

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A new voter

Saturday, November 10, 2007 | wardah bajrai

I'm not really into politics as I've observed sometimes politics bring more harms than goods, but since for the next election I will be an eligible voter, I think I ought to do some research, so that I will be an informed voter and be ready enough to cast my valuable vote. But the event that took place yesterday (10-11-07) really shook (shake) my confidence toward our system.. When our freedom and right to voice out our opinion and frustration were (are) being stifled, and an initially peaceful rally being provoked, can I really cast my vote with ease?...

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jane austen wannabe...crikey!!!!!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007 | wardah bajrai

Bought a new book yesterday; " Me and Mr.Darcy". The title and the blurb were quite attractive plus since the first time I watched the-dashing Mr.Darcy played by Colin Firth, I was smitten by his charming demeanor. But this book is rather a disappointment. I felt like I was reading a lame adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. The here and there quotations from the original novel were really disturbing and to certain a extend, annoyed me a lot. If you're thinking of buying this book, I hope the comments from another readers below could change your mind. Please save your $35 for anything else or perhaps other book- A Sophie Kinsella's would do...

-nothing compared to this one-

he very worst

July 31, 2007
By Machinist (Fresno CA)
I read all the Austen prequels, sequels, variations, and based-upons that I come across. I read those set in the past, the present, and even one really odd one set in the future. I know going in that some will be good and some not so good, but even the not so good are generally at least mildly entertaining. Not this one. This is, hands down, the worst. The writing is poor, the plotting is non-existent, and the characters unlikeable and unbelievable. The lead female thinks that the unkempt and pot-bellied "hero" is arrogant and crass. He thinks she is unattractive and b itchy. I think they are both right.

The author spends 3 pages detailing how well the lead female character can "hold her water" midstream as she tries to listen to the lead male talk about her while she is in the restroom. Seriously.
The lead female is supposed to be an educated woman approaching 30. She talks like a particularly obnoxious and ignorant teenager. And her totally classless behavior, especially on a picnic with Darcy, was actually painful. And Darcy!! OMG, the author has managed to take one of the most romantic characters in literature and absolutely ruin him. She manages to turn him into a huge bore and a craven jerk! He bears no resemblance whatsoever to Elizabeth's Mr Darcy. My sympathy to the poor trees that were needlessly sacrificed for this waste of paper.

Jane would be aghast!,
July 21, 2007
By M. Beth Thomas (Central Texas)
Though I believe Jane Austen would be flattered and gracious about receiving such tribute from authors of modern day literature, I also believe she would be quite shocked and embarrassed at just how crass this particular work is. I would even go so far as saying she might call it 'vulgar'. Though it's mild by modern standards I still feel it was unnecessarily excessive in it's harsh language, drinking, bars and 'sassy woman with attitude' injections. It was almost forcing itself to be more 'hip' than those 'old days'. The main character is hardly even a Jane Austen fan. She's simply lusting over a guy in a book who has a sexy lake scene. She doesn't care about the history and the subtleties that Austen used to create amazing characters and why and what they were depicting -- just sexy, brooding Darcy, but not even Mr. Darcy for that matter.

The depiction of Mr. Darcy is merely some strange hunk of a man who is fascinated with the main character, follows her from town to town just to throw pebbles at her window (I can't really picture Darcy doing that), listen to her foul-mouthed, drunken ramblings and eventually bore her.
He just stands by giving her only quizzical looks as she cusses and rants but then finally shows disapproval when she mentions she has a job?? And, this is so modern-day, political correctness. From this point Mr. Darcy becomes some tiresome male-chauvinist and from there on out we resign ourselves that the obvious love interest is a beer-bellied, foul-mouthed compadre of a reporter who is as uninteresting as the female lead.

I didn't read this book expecting great literature. I didn't read the book because I thought it would be a modern-day Pride and Prejudice. I didn't expect it to be written in Jane Austen style or be filled with butterflies and bumblebees, but I did hope it would be in the spirit and heart of how Jane saw the world through a modern (yet gentle) way. Elizabeth Bennett was intelligent and admirable, earning our affection for her character -- the lead in this story is silly, self-absorbed and crude, one could care less about her "I can't find a good man because I want a Mr. Darcy look-a-like" self-pity trip. And, did the author have to put a reference to every pop-culture icon there is known to man throughout the book!!?? What does American Idol have to do with Mr. Darcy?? Also, you can tell she's British (which is wonderful - nothing at all against that). However, although the main character is impressed with herself when she uses British terms instead of American, she still keeps referring to the tour bus as a 'coach', and also responds in conversation with the word "rubbish" without notice. I don't know too many young American women who go around saying "rubbish". This is trivial I know, but it bugged me -- sorry. This book is a light and crass read. It might be good for early 20-something, party-goers who want a tiny touch of romance(except when they find out that the main character doesn't like to party, but her friend does) -- other than that it's not worth the expense. If it's a tribute then it's an angry one.

The author almost seems mad at Austen for creating some guy who looks good in wet clothing. I think it belittles the detailed and complicated structures Austen had created with both Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth's characters. How can a true Austen fan separate those two? Darcy without Elizabeth? They are inseparable in my mind.
One positive thing in the book was the description of the places the main character visits. Possibly the closest I'll get to seeing them myself. That was nice to have.


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Interview untuk naik gaji!

| wardah bajrai

next week ---interview..finally! Possible questions
1) apakah falsafah pendidikan negara
Ans: I tido dlam kelas falsafah..
2) apakah yang anda faham tentang PIpp?
Ans: komen
3) Apkan misi pendidikan Nasional?
Ans: kurang pasti.
4) Macam mana kalau awak fail interview ni?
Ans: Minta dijauhkan (berikan senyuman dan muka yang paling pathetic!)

Gosh...asyik suruh budak wat revision tapi cikgu sendiri pemalas!! wa..!! apa nak jawab ni!

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a valuable break..

Thursday, November 01, 2007 | wardah bajrai

I asked from my pengetua for a day break yesterday. At first, she refused to give as she said the holiday is just around the corner. Then, I gave her my most sympathetic face..still she reluctant to give and she even cited what 'pengarah' said..and after much negotiation, she finally granted me with 1 day break..

Actually, I didn't really have a good reason to ask for a leave, i just wanted a rejunevate myself. A day without anyone at home, a day where i just can laze around.. of course i have school holiday coming up, but I won't be alone at home. So yesterday, it reminded me back of my "hibernate period' -where I was unemployed. if during that time, i was bored but this time around, I felt contented and relieved. I miss my hibernate period. Really do, but life goes on..but perhaps from time to time I will ask for another 'valuable break'...perhaps...

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