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Wednesday, May 27, 2009 | wardah bajrai

2 weeks ago, anis ym-ed;
"w, awk lupa password awk ke?"
me, thinking for a while, and *ting*, hah, anis is being sarcastic!
me:" anis, a very good one!"

The truth is I have so much to talk about but bila on je computer, all the thoughts and the will to write, simply disappeared . Plus, for the past two week I was so busy attending courses.- standardla, once you become you need to go to various courses; some even don't relate to your field at all. However, I did enjoy one of the courses that I attended. "the Effective teaching and Learning Course" which was held for two days really opened my eyes on ways to teach English effectively, especially literature. To be honest, I always like this type of course since it always provided us-English teachers- with relevant methods, approaches and even materials in teaching English. They didn't ask us to use grammar-translation approach, or communicative approach or other idealistic approaches which most of the time almost immpossible for me to use it in my classes. These courses were conducted by experienced teachers, who have taught for years, who have encountered with various situations and have handled students from different backgrounds.Ttherefore, they understand what I and other teachers encountered (er) in our daily teaching.

Here, is the link to a blog which is managed by one of the facilitators. She is a "Guru Cemerlang" and believe me,s all her method, approaches and materials are seriously good and relevant!


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