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Monday, November 20, 2006 | wardah bajrai

i got a comment from my fellow friend asking me to update my blog and being a good friend, i took her 'warning' seriously' and, here i am, updating my blog after.... i don't know how long since i posted my last entry. I never forgot this blog, really,but the truth is I also got another blog which i updated quite frequently. But, after being 'sound' by this friend, i think its about time for me to write again.. However, what shall i write?! For the past few months,I haven't got any interesting story to write about. I'm still unemployed fellow who is still searching for fun in life (as now my life is quite dull) and I believe this sitution will last until end of this year. I'm tired of waiting, Really feel tedious and useless

Ok, stop talking about that boring stuff. Actually, i do have some story to share... and photos as well...

Last week, my sister and I got the opportunity to take (which I shall call)as an 'independent trip'to singapore. just two of us (without our parents). this was my first trip to other country without my parent tagging around. hurrah!! freedom!! after sooo many months wasting my time at home, finally i could breathing in new environment. when my cousins heard about our coming, she planned soo many activities (of course some activities and i am 100% sure that my parents would't approve if they were to follow). and as planned, my days in singapore were filled with exhilarating moments. we went out almost every night, ate various kinds of foods, chill at differnt spot and soo many things. i went there for 5 days and that 5 days were the greatest. i hope that i could take another trip again, but this time around to another country and yes, without my parents (hahahaha--evil side of me)

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