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Wednesday, December 08, 2010 | wardah bajrai

It is universally acknowledged that most women tend to do everything based on what men want. Since we were young, whatever we did, we would always use men as our measuring tapes. Even small female kids would act sheepishly in front of the opposite gender- perhaps to impress the gentle-men on how well they behave.

Women-when we were single, we did everything that we could to look beautiful. why? because we want to attract men so that we would be chosen. So that we won't be left behind. How shallow our thoughts were! Next, we bought whitening cream because we wanted to be fairer. Why? because most men like 'fair and lovely' women. We controlled our eating habit for fear that we'll end up to be like blue hyppo. And why is that?
obvious reason- men like slender women; plumpy women? No, thank you. For that, we starved ourselves. For whom? for men! No matter how many excuses we created to reason our actions (for health purpose, for self-confidence purpose etc..etc), the ultimate reason- It's for men's attention and sometimes, satisfaction!

This torture to ourselves and body will continue until we begin to accept the real us, without putting others' expectation to decide on how we should conduct ourselves. I wrote this based on my own experience and my observation. I was and at times am still disappointed with how most women including me disappointing ourselves.Maybe this '
pandemonium' will never end. Perhaps women will never have control over their own body and self. Perhaps women will always see themselves as an object to fulfill men's expectations.

p/s: Pardon me, but my mind just went rambling at this wee hour.. just bear with it! :)

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