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breathtaking v/s suffocating

Wednesday, October 14, 2009 | wardah bajrai

Invigilating is very tiring. You have to wait for hours, doing nothing except observing the students. You aren't allowed to read, handphon-ing, talking etc.. but stubborn me facebook-ing instead :)
Last time I got a good school. Very easy to handle. The students were very commited to their exam. Unlike this time. 70% of the candidates were boys. Lazy boys. They wasted their time by sleeping. The whole time. They shaded the OMR paper without looking at the questions paper! One unfortunate event, a boy, a quite fat one, slept the whole hour and a HUGE drop of saliva filled his paper! and the unlucky me had to collect his paper! but still, I used up most of my invigilating time looking at the school's beautiful landscape. breathtaking. totally diff from the students. suffocating.

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My Song!!! - very relevant to me...hahaha

Thursday, October 01, 2009 | wardah bajrai

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