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I can't wait no more!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007 | wardah bajrai

Going for holiday with my friends!! Although I haven't received
my salary yet (huh!), it does not stop me to enjoy my 2 weeks holiday (although I have piles of papers to be marked!) ! I really need this break before i resuming my hectic life..Malacca, here I come! Will share bout my experience later... :D

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teachers' hitch (es)

Thursday, May 24, 2007 | wardah bajrai

First thing first, Anis...I prefer ILDIVO's than that song.

I've been rather busy for the past few days. Although the students are having their exam now (in which we, teachers are supposed to be free from teaching except monitoring the students ---which is pretty bored!), I have to say I could never rest. Now, my nightmare has begun. I'm teaching 5 classes (English) and for each class, approximately I have 40 (naughty) students. For English, we have two papers--paper 1 is easy as it is an objective paper, however when it comes to marked paper2, ......(no word can describe my "enthusiasm"). 40x5---you do the math. Plus, I am also a form teacher where I'm supposed to do the students' record book. Anis, that's why I haven't updated my blog recently.

Marking is a tedious job, however I do manage to entertain myself while marking the papers.

"we put oil in kuali panas"

"we cut onion pakai pisau tajam"

"cut the onions small small"

"he finally bahagia"

yes, I did laugh when I read these interesting pieces!

There a few students who tried their best to write even though they are weak in the language but what bothers me the most is the students who don't even try to answer the questions given.

So, wish me luck for the coming days!

p/s: I had a meeting yesterday, and now besides teaching the students, we, language teachers have to teach our peers too. It is called "Buddy support system". And yes, we do get extra incentive.

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The Day

Wednesday, May 16, 2007 | wardah bajrai

I woke up at 6.00 a.m this morning. It’s not my normal routine to wake up that early, but today, special case. Last night, I ironed my new pink baju kurung…(only technically mine, as currently my sister loan it to me but still, its new). A real hot pink! After finished dressing up, with a bit of excitement feeling inside my heart, I went straight to my school. Good morning teacher! a student greeted me, when I entered the school’s gate. I just smiled, and nodded my head a bit. I could feel that my face was glowing. I wonder why, maybe because of the new blusher that I wore this morning. I clocked in my card and went straight to the teachers’ room. Today, every teacher looked different. They wore nice clothes, some even bought a new ‘tudung’- just to match with their baju kurung. All smiled and chatted happily. Some shook hands with their peers and there were some teachers who hugged each other. “macam raya plak!” a voice echoed. All just smiled. Nevertheless, there were few teachers who’re busy marking the students’ books. “dah lah, hari ni tak payahla tanda buku, hari ni kita relax!” one teacher teased the teachers who’re busy with their marking.

“cikgu2, pukul 7.45 nanti sila berkumpul di dataran”- an instruction given to the teachers. If during normal day, the teachers felt reluctant to go for the assembly, but today, I could see that they fastened their steps while heading to the hall- including me. Then, the assembly started. Nothing much different from our every day assembly except for today, throughout the assembly, from time to time, I received messages from my friends in which their contents made me smiled and at the and of the assembly, we, teachers were requested to sing.

Kami guru Malaysia

Berikrar dan berjanji

Memimpin dan mendidik

Putera-puteri Negara kita

Pada Seri Paduka

Kami tumpahkan setia

Rukun Negara kita

Panduan hidup kami semua

Di bidang pembangunan

Kami tetap bersama

Bersatu, membina Negara yang tercinta

Amanah yang diberi

Kami tak persiakan

Apa yang kami janji

Tunai tetap kami tunaikan

All the teachers sang their heart out. Then, we had a break. Together, we went to the canteen. There, while eating, we chatted—cheerfully. Today, everyone was in high spirits. After we had our break, we toured back to the hall as the event continued. There were performances by both teachers and the students, and the event lasted until 12.30 pm. When I stepped out from the hall, few students approached me, they shook my hand and greeted me, “selamat hari guru, cikgu!” and I smiled. Yes, today, 16 May 2007, is Teachers’ Day and this is the first time I celebrated it as a teacher! To all teachers/educators and to myself “HAPPY TEACHERS’ DAY”.

p/s: I did get few gifts and cards. Reading my students’ cards makes me flattered.

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Making Choice

Wednesday, May 09, 2007 | wardah bajrai

"to choose between right or wrong is simple but what defines one's life is the decision between the greater of two goods or the lesser of two evils"...

At first, when I encountered with this quote, I just copied it down as it sounds nice but today, when I need to make decision between two equally good things, I began to understand the meaning lies between the words. I'm a traveller now, and I stood long, before entering the path that will change my life, to see what may happen in the future. Finally, I made my decision but I'm still unsure whether it's the correct one or not. But, I'm not a quiter and I begin to be a risk-taker. I will have to accept all the consequences resulted by the choice that I have made. I am also more plucky now, like what people say, "ageing makes us more mature (although I'm not that old!). I will pray for the best and hope that the choice that I made will lead me to a better life and will open vast opportunity ahead of me!

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