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to share something - and not 'picking side'

Thursday, December 13, 2007 | wardah bajrai

not trying to be a politician or what but this clip, first time watched it, felt disgusting and shame (and still feel the same). Once again, not trying to 'picking side' just trying to find the 'truth' by digging alternative resources rather than clinging loyally to mainstream resources..

be the judge!

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SPM invigilator

Monday, December 10, 2007 | wardah bajrai

picturesque view - the view I'd been watching for the past four weeks ... and never bored....

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picking side....

| wardah bajrai

From Anton, " Every story has 3 sides; your side, their side and the truth."
We, no matter what'd happened to us, loved to believe that we were always correct. we neglected the story of others' side for we were afraid of the truth. What Anton said was totally correct. I, for example before this never thought of the other two sides except mine whenever things happened. I chose to believe my story since I'm a person with my own pride. and I believe that this situation did not happen just to me solely; it happened (happens) to everyone too or else Anton won't point it out. If there was never 'our side', we will pick the side that we favoured. and we became biased and most of the time, we misjudged the side that we didn't choose.

Take one example: A 'war' erupted between our best friend with another friend. instead of investigating the truth on what actually had happened, we simply took our best friend's side. ALthough sometimes we knew that we were defending the wrong party, we just didn't care.

and- If we were not taking 'our-own side', we will undeniably choose the side that either we were close to or we were fond to or simply because we didn't know which side to choose and thus blatantly chose the one that 'seemed right'. Many forgot that instead of picking side, we should look for the truth.

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