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Sunday, February 15, 2009 | wardah bajrai

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:: ripping off::

Wednesday, February 04, 2009 | wardah bajrai

The other day, I ripped off my student's book. Maybe not the whole book, just a page but it managed to make the whole class turned into silent mode (kalau pemadam jatuh pun bleh dengar). I wasn't (am not) proud with my action right until this second for I couldn't forget that student's appalled and doleful face. Maybe I wasn't thinkin right at that moment but believe me when you've become a teacher for more than 2 years, this 'unfavourable' moment will sure be added into your memories collection.

I told my fellow teacher friend bout this 'accident', trying to seek for her approval of my action. To my delight, she consoled me by saying, that's a normal thing to do for a teacher, especially when you're a more-than-one-year teacher. With students' attitude, pressures from the management and the authority, the never-end workloads; being a b***h teacher is normal. It's NORMAL!

Other things that I've noticed after 2 years of labouring;- my voice becomes louder, my actions become bolder and my body becomes wider (though this one not related but it rhymes with the rest ;-) )

I do not plan to change the adjectives above from comparative to superlative but one thing I do sure, time will sometimes change you; whether you like it or not.

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