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Wednesday, July 25, 2007 | wardah bajrai

Praise the Almighty!

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We are human too!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007 | wardah bajrai

It bothers me a lot when I read how the public keep on complaining and scolding teachers once some students were being punished. Teachers are human too. And every human makes mistakes but sometimes we are being penalized as if we are grade-1-criminal. Totally unfair! I have to agree that some teachers went overboard when they punished their students but I believe there were reasons for every action. We will never, ever punish our students without any valid reasons. We are teachers, educators not some psychopaths who deliberately punish our students. Or else we won’t be teachers at the first place. But the treatments that we get, totally outrageous. I remember, once a person from KPM suggested that teachers share the toilet with the students in order to keep the toilet clean. And recently, one suggestion made that teachers shouldn’t eat separately with the students. OMG! Were these people crazy or what? Sometimes, I personally think that teachers are being treated badly. If they want us to share the toilet with the students, they should show an example first. They shouldn’t use VIP toilet or dine at 5 stars hotels. I bet these people won’t do it as they are only “commenists” – people who loooooooove to comment!

One of our tokoh pendidikan said - students nowadays are too soft(lembik) and spoilt(mengada-ngada). And to make things worst, parents blatantly will take their children's side whatever happened. They always think that their children could never be wrong- and I agree 100%. How pathetic these parents are!!

I am a teacher. I know the reality and I understand well the hitches that need to be faced by all these teachers every day. Sometimes, it felt like mental torturing! Why, when few students were slapped by a teacher, this so-called-accident became a front cover of each national newspaper, but when a teacher get punched on his face until he was hospitalised, we heard nothing, be it from the ministry or the press! totally unfair.

Here, I want to make a suggestion to so-called loving parents, why don't you be a teacher just for one day, and after you have succeeded then you can complain. My students aren't 'devils' or 'angels' but to cope with their sometimes rude attitude, really makes me a "screamer” and a “mad woman” sometimes…

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waaaa! I lost my phone!

Saturday, July 14, 2007 | wardah bajrai

I lost my precious but cheap handphone. My mom gave me when I got my first Anugerah Dekan. So the phone got sentimental value. The thing is, I'd been planning to buy new phone since months ago but have to wait for my very first salary. But now, I am a person without a hp as my s0-damn-late salary has not reach its destination (which is my bank account).. sob..sob..
I was the third victim, before there were another two teacher who lost their hp..we suspected inside our school got toyol la..

Dear KPM, please...please..please give me my salary as I desperately need to buy a handphone!

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I feel damned terrible

Thursday, July 05, 2007 | wardah bajrai

I felt terribly bad today. I did something in which I regret it until now.Seriously, I didn't know it before.

There's one girl inside my class. She's small and quiet. She has this pitiful face and a very innocent smile. Her uniform is clouded with yellowish colour. From her appearance, I know that she's not from a wealthy family. But sometimes, she really pissed me off. I've been teaching her class for almost 4 months now and every time I entered her class, she's the regular face who always forgot to bring either her textbook or her exercise books. Numerous time I let her go. But today, I was really mad. She did bring her textbook but bring none of her exercise books. I put on my serious face and with thunderous voice, I went to her and asked about her book. She was colouring a picture at that moment.

"where's your book?"
"tak bawa"
"asyik tak bawa, awak tak pernah bawak kan?"- I have to speak Malay as she hardly understand anything i said before.
she looked down and gave me an innocent smile. But I couldn't let her go this time, or else I will be biased to other students.

"saya tak tahu nak cakap apa lagi. Awak tak pernah bawak buku. buku apa yang awak bawa?"
"sikik-sikit" she answered.

"keluarkan semua, I want to see".
Slowly she opened her bag and took out few books. My temperature was rising when I saw few books of other subjects
"Buku maths ada, science ada, KH ada, tapi buku BI tak de"

She looked at me and said..
"tadi dah masuk, pastu keluarkan balik"

I bombarded her back
"sapa suruh bawak keluar balik..seriously, saya dah malas nak cakap ngan awak lagi"
I left her abruptly. She ruined my mood.

During free time, I consulted a fellow teacher about this girl-whether she's facing the same problem like me.

"sys...budak tu memang ada masalh. Dia tinggal dengan mak tiri and ayah dia, selalu kene dera"

I was stunned.

And she continued. "Dia memang tak beli buku. Ayah dia tak nak bagi duit, buku2 dia pun cikgu subjek yg tolong belikan.. Dia dalam proses kaunseling sekarang"

Seriously, I felt very bad (still do) when I heard that. Me, a teacher, a person who supposed to help my student, instead I humiliated her in front of her friends and torture her emotionally. I feel really really bad!

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