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Sunday, September 07, 2008 | wardah bajrai

Changes are never easy to swallow. People who are willing to cross the waves of changes are brave people. Making changes is unnerving decision too. It requires continuous support and a deep sense of responsibility. It also can be very dreading for those who’re still afraid to embrace changes. But with constant self-reminder and the thought of wanting prosperity that can be shared by every layer of people, changes can provide satisfying outcomes. Nothing could trump the sweetness of these outcomes if they do come alive. I, merely an observer, sometimes become anxious to see the results of these changes. It’s normal, based on my humble opinion that an early stage of every change , commotions and nervousness happened. Voices of disagreement add spices to this hocus-pocus. But for me it is actually a signal of work-in-progress. Progressing toward a better life- based on the changes that had been dreaming for some time. During this critical time, we are not to chide and blame each other.

What I can say is – be consistent and tolerable; all sides. There’s nothing wrong to loosen certain ideologies in order to compromise with others as long as the main objective (s) of each side is (are) not affected. Don’t be selfish and greedy when it comes to power and allow not element of prejudice jeopardizes the still-fragile coalition. There is a side which is waiting to see the destruction of these c.h.a.n.g.e.s – they are eager to applaud even to minor damages. Do not allow them to break this tie. Compromise. All of you. Please assure us that we could taste the sweetness of the changes that we’ve longed for years……

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| wardah bajrai

For the past few days- or weeks I might say, it seemed that I’d lost the ‘zeal’ to blog. So many things had happened and it clouded my thoughts. Though I looked comfortable accommodated, I was not very tranquil in my mind. Sometimes, there were indeed strings of words involuntarily built inside my head, but to on my computer and start typing… I was waaaay too sluggish.So, instead of corrupting my blog, I opted to dug out my ancient treasure when I stumbled with ‘this’

I read it, every word, every comment ....

until I opened the last page….

these words inspire me....

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