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my student - the future-reader

Saturday, August 15, 2009 | wardah bajrai

Today is Saturday and I have to got to school. As usual. ‘ganti’ for Deepavali. Percentage of attendance (students)- 50%.

Yesterday, my colleague caught a student wrote a letter. Not just a normal letter. A letter to her form teacher. Explaining the reason why she ‘was’ absent on Saturday (Today). Here is the snippet of the letter.

Guru Kelas Tingkatan 1xx

Saya anak tidak datang hari Sabtu kerana sakit perut.

Interesting. She can predict her future (sakit perut pada hari sabtu). And she becomes the mother as well.

Me- maybe I should ask her to read my palm and predict my future :-D hehehe

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entry depress :(

Sunday, August 09, 2009 | wardah bajrai

me- just got back from KL. enuf of cuci mata and cuci telinga. haila!, seeing other people cruising their life happily, envy hits me.. i shoudn't be like this, i should be happy rite?! why?! and why?!

p/s: entry depress...

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