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Wednesday, April 16, 2008 | wardah bajrai

it is a must to every fresh goverment servant to attend an induction course. Basically, we have to prepare our body and mental for this 12-day torturing course.curently, i'm on the 7th day... i have another 7 days more to go..i'm so tired, mentally and physically..but .. because we got wireless connection here, the torture becaome slightly bearable.. to be honest, i did (d0) enjoy few moments from this course..for example; i manage to secure few new friends, learn how to dance-pocho-pocho, and a few other things.. it does enhance my knowledge on few things bout rules and regulations that we have to know and follow as goverment servants.. for those fellow friends who haven't gone for your induction... your time will come and seriously, eventhough its tiring...u still can enjoy the course..and remember at the end of the course, there will be an exam where u have to get least 50 marks to pass the course...urghhh!!

p/s: i'm writing this while one of the guests is busy explaining about ''what is 'dokumen rahsia kerajaan'"....

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