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Wednesday, December 06, 2006 | wardah bajrai

For the past few days, some malaysians particularly women were outraged with the new rule set up by kelantanese authority : wear decent clothes or u will be slapped with RM 500 fine. The reason behind this new ruling is to protect women's virtue. A quotation from the authority:

"A woman who wears an indecent outfit does not respect herself, so how can she expect men to respect her"

Numbers of women were angry hearing this as they said this action is violating people's right. Is it?! what rights are we talking about. should we allow if the people want to make nudity as their personal right?! Just imagine, a nude walking along our street and when we scold him/her; the answer is "its my right and u cannot violate it!". So, how about that?

I shall example this issue with this situation:

"why do people keep their money in wallets instead of walking about with it openly?" the answer: "because cash is something precious, just like woman's virtue". its true. i'm not against people who dress according to their will but everything should have limit right. Although some people see this action as against woman's right but every action has its own reason and i consider the reason given is relevant. there's nothing wrong to be fashionable but as i said, do it and at the same time you must abide the law.

:: what my friend said on this issue::

menggalakkan org utk menutup aurat, and some more boleh kurangkan sexual harrassment and tak menyakitkan mata

Some people may think that the more a woman covers, the less freedom she has. But, according to Muslim tradition, it is actually the opposite. The less she wears, the more she is degraded and the more she is put in the line of fire of male criticism.when a woman is covered, men cannot judge her by her appearance but are forced to evaluate her by her personality, character, and morals.I am astonished at the behaviour of some women who claim to want "freedom". She can't understand how going topless, for example, represents equality. "People have to understand that males and females are not equal in body image but we should be equal in rights, in justice. Taking off your shirt will not make you equal to a man; it'll make you lower. Why? Because the woman's body is created differently."

The truth is that Muslim women only cover themselves in front of men who are not direct relatives (brothers, fathers, and uncles) to prevent indecent acts or thoughts. You feel modest...and you feel like you're covered up. You have more self-respect. You have more confidence in yourself that you don't need to care about (how) you look." however, bear in mind that just because a woman covers, doesn't mean she is automatically entitled to respect, or has already proven the worth of her mind. Respect must be earned regardless of one's appearance and it is not earned through a dress code alone." Depend on what persepctive you view this issue. Different people different opinion and i have shared mine so i rest my case..

::Another view (female friend)::

pade i, ayat "buat ape pakai tudung, kalau tak ikhlas pakai, sama mcm tak pakai, baik tak yah pakai' takleh diguna pakai sbb pakai tudung adalah wajib..kalau mcm tu bolehla kite cakap 'buat ape sembahyang kalau tak ikhlas, baik takyah sembahyang' pun mmg wajib utk wanita tutup aurat, samala mcm kite wajib sembahyang..ikhlas tak ikhlas, itu antar org tu dgn Allah

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