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Monday, April 30, 2007 | wardah bajrai

Today, officially, I've been working for a month. My accomplishments within this month:-
1. Got an offer - a teacher
2. been appointed as a form teacher - form 2 teacher
3. Trained a student for public speaking competition.
4. chosen to be the MC for inter-school drama competition
5. selected to participate in 'how-to-mark-PMR-paper' seminar
6. selected to be a trainer for future drama competition.

Salary? Haven't got YET (rumour says I will only get my salary after 3 months! huh!). But my mom was generous enough to LOAN me her money (which means I have to PAY BACK after I got mine!). Wish me luck for the coming months!

p/s:Being a new teacher, we need new shoes, so I bought 0ne(although I said I'll wait for my first salary but teachers do need shoes - strictly for work purposes only!- which unfortunately, I lost it after a week and I grief A LOT!, and the I HAD TO buy another one (also strictly for work purposes only!), cheaper but seriously comfortable! :D

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Good Afternoon Miss W...

Monday, April 23, 2007 | wardah bajrai

Some classes you feel eager and excited just to think about it, but some, you just wish that you never have to enter that classes. You tend to like certain students, and unfortunately, there are also some unlucky ones that you wish you never teach them. Being a teacher, you will try your best to cater and accomodate your students' needs and wants but sometimes you felt too tired to entertain them. I am a teacher, honestly, I begin to enjoy my new job but when unfortunate events occured, I just wish that I could run away, start all over again. But, I'm optimistic and not a quiter-- to see my students tried their best to use English ; "eskuey me teacher, cannot see".. I'm proud, at least she tried! But some-- "class, you write using your hands not your mouth!" they looked at you, and continued talking! damned rude!

"war, akak lantik awak jadi AJK Club susah sana susah sini eh?"
Me --smile, "Ok kak", pretending. Being a teacher is not about teaching anymore; you have to handle the students who think the school is their's, when your students are sick, you have to send them home, you have to collect money, and the list goes on, what more if you're form teacher (I am a form teacher!). Saturday --- "minggu ini ada perkhemahan, all single teachers must get involved!" I wish I'm married! But.... I begin to like my job!

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The Lonely soul

Saturday, April 14, 2007 | wardah bajrai

The lonely soul wanders
Alone in the walks of life
No other soul as his companion
The lonely soul wanders

Alone in the daybreak
He does his duties
In the walks of life
The lonely soul wanders

Alone in the life
He meets many other souls
Who comes to be
Unfit for the lonely soul
The lonely soul wanders

As the days pass by
The lonely soul became
More lonely, with no other
souls as his companion
The lonely soul wanders

Alone in the walks of life
The lonely soul decides
Not to die, but to face
LIfe in all its hardships
The lonely soul wanders

- anto thermadam-

I bet if anyone reads this posting, they shall predict how gloomy my heart is now. I'm so enough to throw all my laments now. In life, we have ups and downs and now i'm in my down phase. Currently, i'm looking for silver line beyond the turbid cloud. Hope I could find soon!

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Monday, April 09, 2007 | wardah bajrai

I tried to find the right time to write about my first week as a brand new teacher: the feelings, the thoughts, the expectations, the hopes and the dismays. There are lots of things that I would like to share but I don’t really have the excitement and the drive to write. Honestly, I hate to admit that I don’t feel any euphoric sensation towards this job, besides the salary offered. First day was rather boring and I still hadn’t been assigned to teach any particular class. For the rest of the week, all I did was relief classes and read novel (yes, finally, I managed to finish reading Jane Eyre –my latest favourite novel!). Oh yes, few teachers asked me to help them – from coaching the student for public speaking, be the MC for the inter-school drama competition and one job that I think I shouldn’t be assigned to do – preparing power point slides for her! And as a novice, it’s normal for me to nod my head for every request! Only tomorrow (today was holiday- sultan’s birthday) I will be given classes to teach and I will be transferred to evening session. That’s the treatment that you will get if you are new teacher. I keep saying o myself that I ought to be grateful as I had been waiting for this job for almost a year but why I don’t feel happy at all? Why I feel as if I don’t belong here? Part of me says that I’m not suitable for this job. I keep asking myself whether I’m making mistakes by taking up this job. The teachers are nice but why I feel lonely and damned bored?! And to answer all these questions, I managed to come out with one answer – adaptation. I’m new and it takes time for me to adapt with the new environment. I have to be patience as I believe, in the end I will be able to enjoy this job. After all, I’m doing a noble job here – teaching and helping the needs! To Allah, I ask for help and I pray to Allah, if this path is meant for me, grant me with Your bless as I need it. Need it so much!

p/s: End of this month, I have to attend a “how-to-mark seminar” huh!

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