Brisbane Trip

In short, it was wonderful. I should describe Brisbane as an ideal place to live in and to raise your  child(children). The environment, the surrounding and even the people are awesome. I mean seriously eventhough it can be stated that the cost of living there is quite high but the quality that you would get is priceless. You could find endless of fresh vegetables and fruits. You would feel to cook healthy meal every single day. I went there for almost two weeks and luckily I have my sis's house that we could crash. It's not a big house but very homey and comfortable. in fact i was imagining my future house to be like that. I especially love the kitchen, super modern and well equipped. well enough about that. here are some of the tips that might help you if you ever want to go to Brisbane.

1. If you are taking an Air Asia flight, there is no direct flight from kl to Brisbane. You have to land at coolongatta airport at Gold Coast. It's not to far from Brisbane cite, just 40-minute drive.

2. It's better if you rent a car from the airport. Well, I might say that to tour the interesting places in Brisbane and Gold Coast, it is advisable to rent a car. The price: for a mini (but not to small, yaris-like) -AUD35 a day. Petrol: full tank around AUD60. Infants and toddlers must be seated in baby seats or else you will be fined. It can be rented from the car company as well. And it is good to bring along your gps.

3. Prepare a time table - the places you want to visit, it'll save your time and money.

4. Make sure you visit the flea market. Cheap but quality items can be easily found.

5.Visit DFO (direct factory outlet) to buy branded items at reasonable price. If you are a big fan of Corelle, well, you've found the Correlle heaven. This place is situated at Brisbane International Airport.

6. Ride a free boat to witness the magnificent view of Brisbane city, especially at night.

7. Don't worry about halal food here, it's everywhere. But don't be surprised if you see these halal restaurants sell liquors. If you are worried about praying, every mall has parents' room and in these parents rooms, they have small compartment for breastfeeding mothers. You can use these compartments to pray as it got carpet and very clean. or just bawa tikar and pray at the parks. The people here are open-minded. However, in Brisbane as well as Gold Cost, there are a few mosques run by the local community.

8. More interesting places at Brisbane, just google it.

9. You also could visit Gold Coast. A lot of interesting places there; movie world, country paradise, wet world, surfers' paradise and if want you to go shopping, just got to Harbour Town. It's like JPO (Johor Premium Outlet) but bigger. It has surau and telekung and qurans if you want to use it. And a halal restaurant.

hopefully these few tips might be useful!


arfz said…
This reminds me that I need to get my HK post rolling. heee...
InsyaAllah will plan to get to this place one day.
miss you heaps dear

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