khadeejah jabri

There's a girl named Khadeejah who has a special place in my heart. She came exactly 12 months ago and since that everything has changed. I began to understand the other meaning of love. Sincere love. To love someone unconditionally. A love that makes me stronger from day to day.

I had to admit , it was not easy at first. being a first timer, i faced with tonnes of challenges. Seriously. Sampai nangis2. Especially during breastfeeding. sakit woooo. But amid the obstacles faced, I managed to go through the hurdles. (skrang nak bf senang je. And I love it as it becomes exclusively 'our time').

Before I had her, I was a cranky person. (still am occasionally). i lost temper easily. Now, having her around, I manage to control it. She's like my cooler machine. especially when she smiles. It melts my heart and chases away all the demons in me.

Time flies so soon. from a small bay, she becomes a gorgeous girl. (anak sendiri kene puji la). most of the time, she's an easy baby to handle (walau kadang2 angin monsoon dia datang gak...). she rarely cries and easily smiles. Her sweet smiles warm everyone's heart. so jangan terkejut if kalau pegi carrefour, tiba2 je ada orang angkat dia for that person had been smitten by her killer smile.

there are many other things about khadeejah that make her so special. Not only to me but to others as well. An entry won't do a justice.

so, on this day, 10.01.13, my baby is one year old. She's grown up but to me she still the small, fragile baby that i cradled in my arm for the first time a year ago. InsyaAllah, I will protect and love her unconditionally. So, happy birthday my sweet Khadeejah..... umi love u soooo much...


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