Who are we to show off?

Holiday has started its gear. Plans are made, whether they are executable or not, that is another question. I haven’t been blogging for quite sometimes. So I think this holiday is a good start for me to hit the resume button after a very loooooong pause. I do have tones of things running through my head; things to be written but, the will never came. Being an observer, I do notice that I am a plain ignorant. But something had happened. And suddenly I realize that life is too short, very short indeed to be wasted. Thing that we have are actually minimal to be bragged off. It can be gone at any time. Albeit we are ready or not.
Take this one thing for an example. Things that we share online. Sometimes we do not realize, what we intended to share with others; whether through Facebook, blogs or any other mediums are actually encouraging us to be arrogant or ‘riak’. At first, it was just a sharing but as people started to praise and pour in good comments, we will start to have the urge to post more, write more, share more all the good things that happen to us, our achievements, our lucks and so on. It includes me as well. Do we think we have so much that we can brag?

Watching the news, reading from various news portals, I couldn’t help but think that sometimes we feel blessed that Allah has granted us with many marvelous things and yet we forget to say Alhamdulillah. People on the other sides are suffering, endless wars that torn a country, natural disasters ravaging  beautiful landscapes and yet we here are busy showing off of our oh-not-so-much lucks and achievements. I write this entry as I’m still mourning at the loss of my colleague. It happened so fast. She never bragged about her life plus her simplicity always awed me. I can never be like her, but I do realize, what we have today is nothing, not worth to be bragged. What we can do is always say Alhamdulillah for all the good things that happen and Insha Allah the good things will remain. Insha Allah. Insha Allah.


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