In the name of Islam... I shall kill you

The title itself seems to be heavy. It's heavy indeed, about the thing that I'm about to say but it has been bothering and lingering in my mind for quite some times. At times, it hurts me to see all the not-supposed-to happened 'incidents' that occurred. and it still occurs. Even in our own backyard, people are bickering, accusing others, labeling those who are not in line with them. All are in the name of Islam. Each tries to portray that they are defenders against all the infidels, the strays, the blasphemous   whereby sometimes they are the real 'BS' -buls**@.

Now let us go beyond our border but still within the Islamic circle. It saddens me that almost everyday, no, every minute or even second we see, we hear we watch how the so-called 'brothers' kill each other. Once again, everything is done in the name of Islam. It's surprising the meaning of Islam itself is 'peace' yet what we, Muslims have been portrayinga re not peaceful at all. We are angry when the 'infidels' call Islam as a barbaric religion and yet we just add the topping to the accusations. I'm personally not enthralled when some people proudly and arrogantly claimed they would kill anyone who tarnish the purity of Islam as the actual fact, they are the ones who did it.

I still remember the chaotic that happened few years back. When the film "the Da Vinci Code" was produced. Or even when the book was published. The movie and the book indirectly claimed that "Christianity is a religion which fulls of lies". The priest lied, and to certain extend the pillar of Christianity was shaken with accusation that Jesus might sire an heiress. Did the Christians kill or order a 'killing fatwa" to the people who involved in the movie? No.------ I can't imagine what would happen if the same story is being made abut our prophet. Don't get me wrong. I'm not glorifying other religion, I'm just hoping that Muslims could think rationally. Blood is sacred. That is a fact. it should not be wasted as our soul belongs only to the Almighty.

 I still remember what Marina Mahathir wrote in Star newspaper years back about the whole Da Vinci situation. She said that we need to be graceful when we want to counter back any accusation. Don't use emotion but our intellectuality. Maybe if we sit down, think back how precious "ISLAM" is, we won't use its name freely to justify all the wrong deeds that we do. In the name of Islam, I shall protect this precious religion.

something to ponder on


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