c-section : stop being judgemental..

I recently gave birth to another princess. No, I'm not going to tell about my labour story. Too many people have talked about their labour's experiences ad I'm not going to be another one. Labor. Same old story; pain, more pain, the pain continued, pushed, another pushed and Alhamdulillah, a baby was born. hats off to all great mothers out there. You've had the unforgettable experience of being a mother. Through normal way. me, on the other hand, never had the chance. to push and push. Both of my babies were born through EM-LCSC ; emergency c-section. Not by choice of course as both were emergencies. At first I was so sad. I really wanted to have a normal labor, but Allah has better plans for me. Don't worry, I'll stick to my gun and won't tell the details of the painful experiences. Like those who had normal delivery, I too had experienced severe pain but that's it. I was never able to push but eventually I was pushed to the operation theatre. Allahu rabbi.

Honestly, I feel the need to write about this because I feel so fed-up and extremely piss-off with certain people. Well, it's normal after your delivery, people would ask you countless questions. Among them:

- "bila bersalin?" - normal qs
- "operate ke normal? - still acceptable
- "kenapa operate?" - started to feel uneasy but did explain anyhow
- kesiannya...." - oh, started to piss off
- "memang tak boleh normal eh?" - hello, I'm still in pain!!
- "kurang bergerak kot masa ngandung" - I even hit the treadmilll days before giving birth
 dan macam-macam soalan dan pendapat yang meyakitkan hati.

come on people, try grab any other mothers besides me who had LCSC, I guarantee more than half would choose to have normal delivery if they can. It saddens me, how narrow minded some people can be. We (mothers who had undergone LCSC) already felt sad and experienced extreme pain and you add salt to our wound. So not cool!

Some people might think it's easy to have LCSC. No pain, just potong and potong (3 layers okkayy) and they baby's out and finished. You're so wrong! Most mothers who had LCSC experienced emergency c-section. It means, we would feel the labor pain before we were taken to the operation room. The room was so cold. I remember that I couldn't stop shaking and shivering until the 'male' nurse had to hug me tightly. Then the anesthesiologist would poke needle into your lower back to numb you. And the potong session would start. Throughout the procedure you could feel the doctor and nurses pushing something and finally your baby's out. Once everything had finished, you would be brought to your bed where you were asked to lay still for 6 hours. No movement, no food not even drink. for 6 hours. You couldn't hug your baby let alone cuddle her. ..sigh....After 6 hours, the pain would creep in. Every single movement you've made, you would feel the pain. As if your surgical stitches were about to open. If you cough or sneeze, only God knows the pain. For a person who detests pain like me, I've had experienced the worst pain. You can't even laugh! But since you need to breastfeed your baby, eventually, you have to bear all the pains... sigh again...

So, do you think having LCSC is easy? therefore, please next time if someone is having LSCS, stop adding the salt by asking irrelevant questions and saying irresponsible remarks.. salute us, yes you can.

p/s: If you have the gut, do watch this video on how LCSC was done.. click here..


Azuro Rozin said…
dear just ignore what people say bout it...buat sakit hati je... i myself tak sanggup nak go thru C-section... baru2 ni bila doc cakap my placenta is lying low i dah freak out sebab takut kalau yg type 3 memang kena buat c-section which i really tanak... 2, 3 minggu murung and stress dok fikir bout the possibilities. Allhaamdulillah so far everything dah ok... pada i normal labor ke C-section ke 2-2 tu mencabar ... for those yg dok compare yg mane sakit yg mana tak tu erm may be kena fikir before bertanya and bercakap... sebab 2-2 process tu ibarat menggadai nyawa.
Jimmy Ang said…
:) take care.

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